Be unstoppable in life and business

 “When you take one step closer to your goal, the universe moves your goal one step closer to you.” – Dianna Jacobsen

Success in life and business is about having confidence in yourself to act, and giving yourself permission to ‘course correct’ as needed. Today, business and life coach Dianna Jacobsen from Shine At Business gives her top tips to making you unstoppable as you navigate your journey to ‘success’, whatever that means for you:

  • Be confident, and trust yourself. Confidence is often a ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ situation, where you simply need to make a decision and believe in yourself. Confidence tends to increase the more you trust in yourself, just take that first leap of faith, and don’t look back! I love the saying is “make a decision, and make it right”. Seek advice from professionals as needed, and use their broad scope of experience to make informed decisions, then back yourself to move forward.
  • Have a ‘can-do’ attitude. Love what you do, lead your team with a positive mindset, be an appealing person to be around. Whatever sales or services we offer are about the experience others have in working with us, so build relationships to generate positivity and confidence in you, and become a magnet to your customers and clients as you meet their needs.
  • Develop a team of great people: staff, advisers, mentors, colleagues. Identify their strengths. Staff management is challenging at times, most due to inappropriate selection and/or placement of team members. Aim to build a framework, where all roles integrate, and hierarchy is less important than collaboration.
  • Focus on the desired outcome. Don’t get stuck in current problems or past mistakes. Develop a clear picture of the result you seek, then take the steps to create that outcome. When unsure, just take the first step, and the path will become apparent as you stay focused on the desired result.

…the path will become apparent as you stay focused on the desired result.

  • Take care of yourself, physically, mentally, and emotionally. When we get run down, tired, overwhelmed or stressed, we lose our objectivity, our perspective, our confidence, our vitality, and our resilience. The more ‘OK’ we feel about ourselves the better we are able to cope with whatever comes our way. This includes managing our time, life balance, personal relationships, personal wellbeing, financial security, etc. If any area is out of balance or causing you angst, seek support to correct it. We must each take responsibility for being ‘OK’, to enable us to be the best version of ourselves, hence able to be there for others.
  • Watch your language! The words we say and the way in which we say them – both to others and to ourselves – set the tone for our attitudes, our team, and our results. The world will deliver the results you are most in alignment with, so always seek and expect good things, or look for the ‘glass half full’ perspective; there is a gift in everything!
  • Don’t take things personally. People sometimes behave in unexpected ways for reasons best known only to themselves. Don’t judge or blame, you don’t know their journey; just let other people’s issues be their issues, and move on; don’t invest valuable time and energy, and sabotage yourself unnecessarily in matters that are really not about you.
  • Maintain personal accountability. When we blame others for the situations and results we encounter, we are handing over control for our own outcomes to someone else. Own the situation, accept ‘it is what it is’, and take appropriate action, from an attitude of ‘respond’ not ‘react’. No matter what we face, we always have a choice about what step we can take next, or what attitude we can adopt.

So set forth! Clarify your ‘destination’, and create your roadmap to reach this place, seek expert advice and guidance in specialist fields, and don’t be deterred or detoured by those on other journeys. Give yourself permission to take action and course correct as you deem necessary. Always believe in yourself and maintain your focus and the vision from within.

Dianna Jacobsen works with individuals, families and businesses to design and implement strategic plans to overcome barriers to success, financially and personally. Visit her website at


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