Your greatness is the greatest gift you can give others

In this talk to 100 business women, Inspired Magazine Founder Samille Mitchell shares what she has learned from interviewing Inspired Magazine subjects and recounts her attempts at using their advice in her own life. She reveals how she has come to believe that your greatness is the greatest gift you can give others. In attempting to tease out the common elements that define Inspired subjects Samille found:

1. To be truly great you need to find your ‘thing’ to do in the world.

2 That ‘thing’ should involve doing good.

3. Even the most inspiring people have fears and doubts and insecurities but, despite these fears, they take action regardless by making their action about something bigger than themselves and their insecurities.

Samille hopes that sharing her story and the stories of those in Inspired Magazine may inspire others to step up and live their own versions of an ‘Inspired’ life. If everyone is great in their own way, just imagine the possibilities.

Listen to an audio of the talk here:


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