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At Inspired we believe the world is amazing. Yet if you watch mainstream media you’ll be assailed by doom and gloom. Seeking to counter negative, Tweet-sized and celebrity-obsessed media, we launched Inspired to share stories that uplift, engage and inspire.

We really believe that what you focus on is what you get – so it’s well worth filling your head with the good stuff.

Each fortnight Inspired features a long-form feature story about someone inspiring – everyday people who have pushed aside their fears, stepped up and taken action for a cause in which they believe. We hope that by reading their stories you too may be inspired to unleash your own brand of magic on the world. If everyone’s taking that extra step, just imagine the possibilities for nature, humanity, our planet.


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Inspired founder/dreamer/chief storyteller

We really believe that what you focus on is what you get – so it’s well worth filling your head with the good stuff.


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Why readers love Inspired

The thing about reading Inspired? Every single time I get tears – of hope, or pride or just spectacular happiness in the goodness and amazingness of people. These are the stories I want to read. These are the stories about the people who inspire me. – Fleur Porter

Inspired articles are a welcome breath of fresh air in a world dragged down by horrible, sad or depressing news. I love receiving the articles as they are written about everyday people doing extraordinary things to make things better in their small corner of the world. I recommend Samille’s articles to everyone I meet as they really do in inspire me to try to be a better person by focusing on the positives in life. – Jacqui Baker

It is always a pleasure to be absorbed in the uplifting stories about people whose passion and belief is making a difference in our uncertain world. They are a shining light for us all and have inspired me to become the best person I can be. – Wendy Mole

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About Samille samille-headshot

All my life I’ve been aware of how lucky I am – amazing family, friends, health, jobs, home and lifestyle. And yet I always had this feeling that there was something more. I spent most of my life telling myself not to be silly, to be happy for all the amazing things that I had. And I was. Yet that feeling of wanting more persisted.

The other constant in my life is knowing that writing is my ‘thing’. I remember standing beside my Year 7 teacher at our primary school graduation and standing a little taller as he announced look out 60 Minutes, because Samille wants to be a journalist. And when I received a journalism cadetship aged 18 and fast tracked through the cadetship and eventually onto chief of staff I thought I had it made. But it wasn’t enough. I resented the pressure to focus on the negative, to disturb people having troubled times, to sensationalise to lure readers. I remember being promoted to court reporter and marching into Geraldton magistrates court ready to report on the heinous crimes affronting society. Yet it wasn’t long before I found myself sinking deeper into my seat as I heard case after case of drink driving charges, petty crime and minor theft. This wasn’t reporting for the public good. It was more like dissemination of small town gossip.  I eventually resented news journalism so much I quit and went freelance.

This was more like it. It wasn’t long and I was established as a travel writer being assigned to fancy and far-flung locations to report on my holiday experiences. It was amazing and, yet, I remember sitting in a swanky hotel room in Mauritius, an infinity pool before me and a cold beer by my side, and berating myself for feeling this still this wasn’t it. Writing about beautiful places might be entertaining others and giving me brag-about experiences, but did it move readers or improve the world? Slowly I realised my ‘more’ was wanting to make a difference.

Next a dream job landed in my lap – editor of a nature conservation magazine. This was the chance to write about the natural world I loved so much, and all that was happening to protect it. And, most excitingly, the job gave me the chance to write books – a lasting opportunity to remind people of the marvels of Mother Nature, to inspire wonder at her magic.

But, with ever-reducing budgets and a change of magazine policy, I again found myself searching. I knew I wanted to write. I knew I wanted to write in detail. I knew I wanted to inspire wonder at the world. I knew that writing about other people who’d found their ‘more’ really fired me up. And yet freelance markets wanted shorter, cheaper, fluffier, or doomsday content. The solution? Create my own market.

Inspired is my outlet to imagine the possibilities that life presents, to be reminded of all that is good, wondrous, beautiful in our world. Interviewing and writing about Inspired subjects gives me hope. Maybe I too could be like that. Maybe I too could make a real difference?

How? I sincerely hope that, after reading Inspired articles, readers may feel inspired to step up and find their ‘more’, to fight for something they believe in, to take action to gift the world with their magic.

If everyone’s living up to their full potential, just imagine the possibilities for humanity, for nature, for our planet. My ‘more’ is inspiring others. And gosh it feels good to have found it.

Inspired is my outlet to imagine the possibilities that life presents, to be reminded of all that is good, wondrous, beautiful in our world.

For other samples of my work, please visit my online portfolio at http://www.samillemitchell.com.au