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At Inspired we believe the world is amazing. Yet if you watch mainstream media you’ll be assailed by doom and gloom. Seeking to counter negative, Tweet-sized and celebrity-obsessed media, we launched Inspired to share stories that uplift, engage and inspire.

We really believe that what you focus on is what you get – so it’s well worth filling your head with the good stuff.

Each fortnight Inspired features an online long-form feature story about someone inspiring – everyday people who have pushed aside their fears, stepped up and taken action for a cause in which they believe. And twice a year we release a print mag of the top stories. We hope that reading these stories encourages readers to unleash their own brand of magic on the world. If everyone’s taking that extra step, just imagine the possibilities for nature, humanity, our planet.


Since our magazine launch in December 2015 we’ve attracted a committed and growing band of followers. Our next print mag will delight 6000 people, our fortnightly posts inspire about 500 readers each, we fire up 1200 fans on Facebook and we have 450 dedicated followers on our email list. And we’re growing fast – our Facebook and email lists are growing at more than 10 percent a month.

Inspired tribe

We target women, aged 35 to 55 (we want to inspire everyone of course but find this target market most interested). These women are educated, have comfortable incomes and care about the world about them. They are health conscious, have a strong sense of social justice, are concerned about the environment and are worried about their children’s futures. They are into sustainable living, personal development and growth, ethical business and doing their bit to improve our amazing world.

Advertising options

We’re all about using a coordinated range of ways to connect with our readers. We offer combos, including print magazine advertising, print magazine advertorials (written in the engaging style for which Inspired is renowned), email newsletter advertising, social media shares, sponsoring stories online, and front-cover branding options for major partners.

Let’s make it happen

Ready to connect with Inspired’s dedicated and growing tribe of readers? Contact us now to schedule a strategy session where we can find out what you’re trying to achieve and how we can help you achieve it. Call Samille on 0407 998 721, email [email protected] or fill in the contact form below to request a media kit and to schedule a chat.

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Readers’ testimonials

The thing about reading Inspired? Every single time I get tears – of hope, or pride or just spectacular happiness in the goodness and amazingness of people. These are the stories I want to read. These are the stories about the people who inspire me. – Fleur Porter

Inspired articles are a welcome breath of fresh air in a world dragged down by horrible, sad or depressing news. I love receiving the articles as they are written about everyday people doing extraordinary things to make things better in their small corner of the world. I recommend Samille’s articles to everyone I meet as they really do in inspire me to try to be a better person by focusing on the positives in life. – Jacqui Baker

It is always a pleasure to be absorbed in the uplifting stories about people whose passion and belief is making a difference in our uncertain world. They are a shining light for us all and have inspired me to become the best person I can be. – Wendy Mole