Author: Samille Mitchell

Rebel monk’s huge heart saves children

A former Buddhist monk with an adventurous and compassionate heart is channelling his once rebellious nature to provide a home and opportunities for orphaned and abandoned children in North East India. In doing so, Lobsang Phuntsok is transforming the lives of kids who face adversities similar to those he once battled as a troubled child.

Rescuing Egypt’s abused horses

Australian woman Jill Barton was so distressed by the sight of sick and dying horses and donkeys in Egypt that she returned to open a charity to help. Egypt Equine Aid offers free veterinary treatment to abused horses and donkeys, providing a new chance at life for creatures otherwise destined to suffer painful deaths.

The power of one

Last week I interviewed a woman who is reshaping the lives of literally thousands of women in Rwanda – the poorest of the poor – by teaching them to overcome poverty through a six-month self-help program. She told the story of one woman who’d completed the program. This woman emerged […]

Forget fancy, be real

I couldn’t help but like Cosi Costello when I interviewed him last month for Inspired Magazine regarding his charity, Cows for Cambodia. Quick to laugh, and with a self-deprecatory humour, Cosi seemed like the kind of guy you’d like to be mates with. I wanted to help him. I wanted […]

Empowering Rwandan women to become business entrepreneurs

Australian woman Kelley Chisholm was so awestruck by the success of a self-help program she came across in Rwanda that she has dedicated herself to raising the funds to support it, and others like it in other parts of East Africa, India and Cambodia. The program teaches desperately poor women to help themselves by providing the life skills and business training they need to create their own employment. In doing so, it has transformed the lives of thousands.