Inspired Magazine – Issue #3

Inspired features long-form stories about inspirational people – everyday heroes who have pushed aside their fears, stepped up and taken action for a cause in which they believe.

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Inspired Magazine issue three takes you across the globe to meet the inspirational people striving to do good for the world. We meet the can-do Aussie Gemma Sisia, transforming lives for Tanzania’s bright but poverty-stricken children with free schooling. We travel into the pulsing jungles of Borneo on an ethical travel experience. We learn of the backstory to American man Conor Grennan’s bid to reunite stolen Nepalese children with their families. And we learn tales of courage, passion and contribution from Cambodia to Bosnia, from Perth to Bali. May the stories inspire you by what’s possible. May they remind of you the incredible people working to do good in our beautiful world.


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Also available – Inspired Magazine – Issue #2

The second issue of Inspired Magazine includes our favourite stories of the year – like Healing China’s orphans with love, the battle to save the orangutan, restoring respect to homeless people, the story of a courageous Ebola nurse, saving Nigeria’s ‘witch’ children, baby carriers providing relief to refugees, gangsta gardening and what Maggie Dent is doing to save our stressed out kids.

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You can’t help but feel fired up about our beautiful world and its amazing people after learning these people’s stories. Our dream is that by hearing these stories you too may be encouraged to step up and unleash your own brand of magic on the world. If everyone’s taking that extra step, just imagine the possibilities for humanity, for nature, for our planet.

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Also available – Inspired Magazine – Issue #1

The first issues includes our favourite stories so far – like the Perth housewife who launched a children’s home, school and a whole heap more in Cambodia after meeting a mother who’d sold her baby for $20 for money to feed the rest of the family. Or the tale of a charity in Afghanistan that is changing kids’ lives by enticing them from the streets with skateboards and providing formal education. There are more personal stories too, like the woman who acted as surrogate mum to carry a baby for her sister – a real tear jerker. Or the Mid West woman’s heart-wrenching tale of her life with an autistic son, or the Aussie lass who’s risking her life to save rhinos from gun-wielding poachers in Africa.

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