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An Inspired ​Journey is no ordinary holiday. You'll join Inspired Magazine founder Samille Mitchell to meet and interview inspirational people who will feature in Inspired Magazine. You'll learn their stories, what drives their passion and why they dedicate their lives to making a profound difference in the world.

​These people are ​world-changers, eco warriors, peace makers and love spreaders – diverse people united in their belief in a better world. 

​You'll also roll up your sleeves to ​help, whether it’s crafting play toys for orphaned orangutans, picking up plastic from aboard boats in remote rivers, or painting the walls of a school for indigenous jungle kids.

We’ll also take the time to be inspired by the nature of the places we visit, taking time out to experience the immensity of cathedral-like caves, strolling through the pulsing womb of the jungle or kayaking down meandering water ways.

​Time spent in ​nature presents a chance to not only soak up ​its healing powers but also to reflect on the people we’ve met, to philosophise on our impact as global citizens and to share stories of what inspires and motivates us to be the best versions of ourselves.

Check out photos of our most recent trip to Borneo here.

Inspired Journey 2019 - ​Cambodia

After enjoying the most incredible experience in Borneo in 2018, we are now setting our sights on ​Cambodia. Next year Inspired Magazine will take a small group of committed guests on a tailored tour of Cambodia. We'll meet the founders of several different charities, interview them about their work and enjoy behind-the-scenes experiences at their charities. We're still nutting out exactly what's planned, but enter your details below and we'll be happy to keep you posted.