Explore, connect, contribute

​Borneo - ​May 4 - 12, 2018

​We team up with Borneo Ethical Adventures to journey deep into the ​pulsing heart of Borneo to experience its natural wonders and meet the incredible people striving to protect and preserve its animals, habitats and people.

This is no ordinary holiday – rather it’s a chance to combine your love of travel and nature, with an experience that offers connection with, and contribution to, the inspiring people you meet on the way.

We’ll meet individuals to interview for stories in Inspired Magazine – people like Leo Biddle who has dedicated his life to saving orangutans through Project Orangutan, or Violet Tan who empowers indigenous jungle women by helping them sell their wares through Helping Hands Penan, or those who employ disabled people in the charming city of Kuching, to create crafts and thus fund their futures through Heart Treasures.

We’ll also roll up our sleeves to help where we can – crafting toys for orangutans in a sanctuary, picking up rubbish in riverways in Mulu World Heritage Area and seeing behind the scenes of a dog refuge in Koto Kinabalu.

We’ll also be inspired by Mother Nature herself, with several days in the jungles of Mulu World Heritage Area and a day trip to Baku National Park, where you’re sure to see a riot of wildlife. Time spent in the womb of the jungle presents a chance to not only soak up the healing power of nature but also to reflect on the people we’ve met, to philosophise on our impact as global citizens and to share stories of what inspires and motivates us to be the best versions of ourselves.

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Price: $​2900 includes all internal flights (​Kuching-Mulu-Kota Kinabalu​) accommodation, activities, transfers and most meals. International flights not included.

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