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At Inspired we really believe that what you focus on is what you get – so it’s well worth filling your head with the good stuff.

Inspired tracks down game changers, eco-warriors, growth gurus, peace makers and love spreaders - everyday people who have pushed aside their fears, stepped up and taken action for a cause in which they believe. We then write their stories and share them with the world.

We hope that these stories excite you with what’s possible, remind you of the awesomeness of humans and inspire you to step up and unleash your own brand of magic on the world. If everyone’s taking that extra step, just imagine the possibilities for nature, humanity, the planet.

We’re excited. Come join us on the Inspired journey.


Jenny Bowen – Healing China’s orphans with love

Jenny Bowen’s charity OneSky, formerly Half the Sky Foundation, has transformed the lives of more than 130,000 Chinese orphans by showering these unwanted children with the most important ingredient missing from their lives – love. How did one woman make such a difference to so many?

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Sally Lucas – Refusing to let tragedy define her

After enduring the death of her mother to cancer and brother to suicide, Sally Lucas was not prepared for her own cancer diagnosis and consequent hysterectomy. But thanks to the love of her sister Anne Barbour, she not only survived but flourished to become a mother – a dream she’d thought life had denied her.

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Alex Cearns – Using photography to save animal lives

Pet portrait photographer Alex Cearns travels the globe photographing rescued animals to raise money for their care and promote their protection. She volunteers 40 percent of her time to philanthropic causes and relishes the chance to present animals in their best light.

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Penny Elsley – Changing lives one dinner at a time

Penny Elsley’s Welcome Dinner Project is transforming lives by bringing together international students, refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and established Australians for dinner. As they connect over food these groups of strangers are reminded of their common humanity. The resultant feeling of connection is, quite simply, changing lives.

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Karen Civello – From stripper to wellness guru

The death of Karen Civello’s little brother as a child sparked a troubled life that sent her to the depths of drugs, alcohol, depression and cancer. But, through sheer strength of will Karen fought back to create a life characterised by wellness, nurturing and self-care.

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Zoë Routh – From hardship to happiness

Business coach Zoë Routh’s life work is about guiding others to live with wisdom and compassion. Here she reveals how her experience with cancer and dashed dreams of parenthood cemented the concepts of balance, authenticity, values and opening your eyes to life’s everyday wonders.

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Nick Seneca Jankel – Modern-day shaman

Nick Seneca Jankel’s quest to determine how people can feel good and live life as the best version of themselves has taken him from the hallowed halls of Cambridge University to the homelands of African tribes. He delivers his learnings in a style renowned for combining science with traditional wisdom, without the woo woo.

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Sharon Greenock – A foster mum with an enormous heart

Foster mother Sharon Greenock has cared for some 20 foster children and welcomed four of them into her home permanently, alongside her three biological children. What drives someone to open their heart and their home to children who’ve been removed from their families because the Family Court rules it unsafe?

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